Safes Services

Purchasing a safe is one of the wisest safety precautions a person can undertake.
This security device keeps your valuables, documentation and firearms at safe distance from unwanted attention. Safes, however, are not problem-free: They might lock and not open again (and vice-versa), their hinges and bolts might weaken or break, or you may lose their combination. This is where USAFE comes in. Our technicians can handle any safes-related issue, and as always, are well equipped with the finest tools and most relevant expertise.

Safes opened

The home is where people take the greatest safety measures; and when those close to you are concerned, no precaution is too great. We at Usafe have made homeowners’ safety our top priority. To ensure it, we provide an all-included residential package that covers every aspect of home security. Our top of the line range of products and services guarantees the ultimate peace of mind for you and the ones you care for.

Safes opened – we have the ability and the equipment to open almost all locked or closed safes, regardless of model, manufacturer, or locking method used


We deal with every possible damage to safes and vaults – from rust to weakened hinges. Repairing safes that have been drilled, cracked, autodialed or otherwise impaired is another service we offer. We will make sure your valuables are quickly secured again, and keep you from spending large sums on a new safe.

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